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Designed by Michaël MALAPERT, the TRIBE Saint-Ouen is conceived as a hybrid place where work and entertainment are boldly combined. Imagined in a raw shell with an open ceiling, with modern and sophisticated furniture enhanced by soft materials in warm and vivid tones, the living spaces are like microarchitecture places drawing well-defined and cosy spaces in which one can sit or wander freely to admire the objects and works on display.


TRIBE Paris Saint-Ouen is for travellers who want a stimulating and accessible accommodation and dining experience. A disruptive place between simplicity and sophistication where business and leisure travelers meet.

The bar and the large central library are like a hub placing the different living, exchange and working areas. The patio, laid out as a small, and open-air, and planted terrace, invites you to disconnect. Conceived as an ‘ideal home’, our social hub offers comfortable and pleasant spaces, separated without being partitioned, designed as cosy lounges so that you can feel at ease, meet up, relax over a drink, with colleagues or friends, or even take a short break.


True to his favourite theme, the designer Michaël MALAPERT has imagined the premises and the concept of the rooms under the guiding theme of “the line in all its states”, seeking to define a contemporary style via pure lines that you can see at the headboard and in the design of the wardrobe, with inspiring artists such as Mondrian.

In the common areas, a particular treatment of light is given in the “niches”. A play between mirrors and neon lights creates an impression of depth and space in limited spaces. Slats of mirror-polished metal reflect infinite points of light, giving the place a festive character.

From street art to contemporary photography, from silk-screening to ceramics, the diversification of the works of art spread throughout the hotel invites curiosity in a mix & match effect, drawing their inspiration from street art, contemporary art, and primitive arts.