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Rami Mekdachi

Gather words and photography that translate the TRIBE way of life and to fill the spaces with his iconography and philosophy

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Anne Humbert Pierrot

I found that Tribe's identity was very close to ours, it conveyed the same values and above all I liked the brand itself: the very designed places, the curation they did with other brands which was very qualitative... I was immediately thrilled.

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Travis Walton

Based in Melbourne, Australia, and established in 2010, Travis Walton’s diverse design portfolio is already packed with successful projects, awards and accolades.

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our partners

Belleville Brûlerie

Behind the scenes, Belleville Brûlerie's mission can be summed up in three words: democratise good coffee. They intend to share their (good) taste with the greatest world.

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Sam Karlson

For me, Tribe sets a new benchmark in the hospitality industry. Tribe breaks traditional codes with a mixture of genres that awakens the consciousness of our society.

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our partners
Matthias Giroud

Matthias’ extensive travel and passion for working with his teams across the globe has provided a deep knowledge and appreciation of the world’s flavours and trends.

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our partners
Fabien Nahum

With his Batignolles pale ale featured at the Tribe Paris Batignolles bar, Fabien Nahum hopes to bring something new and experiential to guests and locals alike.

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Thierry d'Istria

With a unique and collaborative approach to materials, colours and design details, Thierry has created a series of sophisticated and inspiring spaces throughout Tribe Paris Batignolles.

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