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Tribe x Kevin Murphy
Hotel amenities re-thought

A love of good design
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Kevin Murphy is a line of award-winning, high-end salon professional products distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide. Each product was created by Kevin to meet his needs as an editorial hairstylist, as well as meeting and his vision of fusing a passions for work, fashion and the environment. The brand Kevin Murphy is also defined by like-minded collaborations, with the team thrilled to be part of the bold, luxurious and unapologetically contemporary hotel, Tribe. We spoke to Sanaz Enshaian, Global Marketing Director, at Kevin Murphy about this exciting partnership.

Both brands share a love of good
design and exceptional quality

“I didn’t want my products to be responsible for the destruction of the environment. I wanted to become part of the solution, not the problem.”

Kevin Murphy
Tell us a bit about Kevin himself and the Kevin Murphy brand.

Kevin is a true visionary. His work has graced the covers of all the major global print publications, and he has directed hair teams for countless high-profile fashion houses.

After training at Vidal Sassoon in London, Kevin returned to Australia to establish himself as one of the country’s most sought-after stylists. He was a regular contributor to Australian Vogue, where he became the go-to guy for the iconic ‘beach hair’ look. In 2007, he was recognized with the Australian Masters Award for his outstanding contribution to the profile of Australian hairdressing worldwide.

Today, Kevin remains at the forefront of an industry that he is deeply committed to. Not content with leading the trends and creating innovative hair designs, his groundbreaking products are equally well known for being kind to the environment as well as being kind to hair.

Your product and packaging are a big hit with Tribe’s guests. Can you tell us about the innovative custom form designs and formulations?

Absolutely. What inspires us is a belief that your hair isn’t the only thing we want to keep beautiful. Wherever possible, our formulas use renewable and sustainable ingredients that are specifically cultured in an environmentally friendly way.

Our well-known square shaped packaging is another conscious choice. Something as simple as using a square shape has a huge environmental benefit since tightly packed boxy bottles use up to 40% less resin than standard round packaging. They also take up less shipping space and packing materials.

These are all small design details, but they make a huge impact, and that’s what we’re all about.

“Kevin Murphy’s range really appealed to us because it’s a product found more commonly in salons than hotel rooms. We’re always looking for new ways to deliver genuine value to our guests.”

Melissa Peters, Tribe co-founder
Can you tell us how you’re thinking about Kevin Murphy’s environmental footprint as the brand continues to grow worldwide?

Caring about the environment isn’t just something we do – it is at the core of who we are. Our people are continually exploring new ways to uphold our commitment to the environment, from big picture initiatives to everyday details. With every decision, we consider the impact on Mother Earth. In fact, one of the values embedded across our organisation is ‘the choices we make’.

It’s one of the reasons we’re proud to be part of The Climate Reality Project, a non-profit global organization initiated by Al Gore to educate the public about science and the impact of climate change. Through his passion for the environment, Kevin has now become an official Climate Reality Project presenter, which means he’s responsible for communicating the climate change message to hairdressers, stylists and consumers.

We believe that, as a global business, we can continue to create exceptional products while working with social and environmental integrity.

How did the collaboration with Tribe come about?

It was quite fortuitous but also a perfect match, really. Tribe had been hunting for a genuine, high-quality haircare provider that hadn’t necessarily been in hotel rooms before. At the same time, we were trying to do something a little bit different by creating a product range for hotels.

It’s an ideal collaboration. Both brands share a love of good design as well as exceptional quality.

What’s new at KM headquarters? Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

There has been so much to be excited about at Kevin Murphy recently, besides this fantastic partnership with Tribe.

We just launched our new BLOW.DRY regimen. It’s a line dedicated to creating longlasting results in the salon and at home. Each product is formulated with Long Chain Polymers that makes a durable cross-linked network on the hair, but without adding weight or residue.

We were looking for a way to improve moisture retention in damaged hair, and that’s just what these heat-activated stylers do. They improve appearance, manageability and finish, so that now anyone can achieve their hair goals regardless of their hair type.