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Anne Humbert Pierrot

Methodology notebooks
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In this digital age, taking a pencil and paper to put down one’s ideas has paradoxically never seemed so necessary. 23heures59editions creates notebooks that are roadmaps with serious and playful, creative and pragmatic methodologies. Our pocket coaches made exclusively for Tribe respond to organizational and project issues.




Who are you? Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Before, I was an editor-in-chief and show producer. Then had a change in my career path three years ago and started the methodology notebook publishing house 23heures59editions.

How was 23heures59editions born ?

The idea came to me above all from a personal need. Like many people, I tried to keep up with good resolutions but had difficulty keeping them. Therefore, I have decided to look up solutions that could actually help me to apply them.

I realized that, with pragmatic and creative methods, you could move forward faster and not drop your projects along the way.

I needed a place to track my progress, and it was in the Saxon Anglos countries that I discovered the Life Planner, which are logbooks to help you move on with your projects.

But I wasn’t totally satisfied with the ones I found in terms of design and content. Personally, they were too “American” for me.

So, I decided to create a range of methodology notebooks to launch professional and personal projects.

What to concretely expect when you open one of your notebooks, what is inside?

The notebooks are all based on the same frame. It’s a very accurate roadmap over six months. Six months is enough to start seeing things evolve and above all, it gives yourself time to set up a new way of working.
There is a specific process so you do not go off in all directions: you start by projecting yourself very far, then you sort through all your desires and finally you act day by day to bring your larger or smaller projects to success.

These notebooks are extremely visual, everything has been designed in the form of graphics, there is very little writing, it’s very minimalist so that people can appropriate themselves this notebook.
These notebooks are companions on the road, they are with you every day. They allow you to take things in order and go through your projects.

Why is it important to write on paper, how does it help projects?

First of all, it is very nice to have a nice notebook. When I started a new job, a new project, I liked the idea of having new “tools” to get started!
To come back to the pros of writing, the first one I see is that it allows you to leave your mobile phone or any kind of digital asset aside.
Then, writing drives focus and creativity. It’s really about intimacy too, from the moment you write something in a notebook: it’s something precious.

Finally, keeping a notebook leaves traces, and when you go through it a few months later, it is always rewarding to realize that you have made much more progress than you thought.

"These notebooks are companions on the road, they are with you every day. They allow you to take things in order and go through your projects."

How did you work with Tribe? How did Tribe inspire you for this special project?

I was already very interested in working with a hotel long before I was contacted by Tribe. But when they offered me this collaboration, I was immediately enthusiastic about it!
I found that Tribe’s identity was very close to ours, it conveyed the same values and above all I liked the brand itself: the very designed places, the curation they did with other brands which was very qualitative… I was immediately thrilled.

The collaboration was interesting because we created two notebooks: a co-branded to do list notebook and an original notebook.
Regarding the co-branded to-do list, we immediately agreed, we chose black notebooks on a black background, absolutely in the spirit of the 23heures59editions since we don’t really see the theme of the notebook, it remains very discreet and very chic! When two brands have the same concerns of quality and rendering, we know it’s a working collaboration!

We are also going to create an original notebook called Design Your Life, in French and English. This notebook will allow hotel customers to plan their next trips, manage their time and carry out their projects!

Finally, it’s an improved agenda, where there are also methods to wonder about the right questions and to move forward in the desired direction.
It’s a mix of several 23heures59editions notebooks but, above all, for the case of our collaboration with Tribe, it is dedicated to people who travel, who are sensitive to culture or design.
As its name suggests, Design Your Life, it is about foreseeing yourself with creativity in the months to come!

What project are you currently working on? What is your next creative project?

Many projects are coming up!

There is a new project of method book in co-edition with a publishing house which will be released in February.
Then we are working on accessories and the whole brand universe, we propose new accessories on a very regular basis because we are convinced that the more beautiful the objects around you are, the more you want to get into it… Finally, we are looking for a place that will be both a showroom and a place to come and get all the inspiration and advice to plan your dreams!

What were the major difficulties you faced in terms of organization and time management in your life as an entrepreneur?

Setting up my business was complicated because I was not an entrepreneur in the beginning. I had to discover a new environment: printing, which was not simple neither.

I had the chance to do something exciting. Moreover, I am the primary customer of my notebooks, they help me to constantly find ways to move forward!

And if you had a single piece of advice to give today on time management, what would it be?

It would be too difficult to choose just one piece of advice! Here are a few which have helped me a lot.

You have to find your own rhythm. Especially with remote work these days, it requires you to reorganize, to take a break when you feel like it. You really have to listen to yourself.
There’s no point in copying other people’s methods, you have to choose the ones that suit you best.
I practice a lot of multi-tasking for example by walking and listening to a podcast at the same time. It’s great how much access we have to information today, we can learn every day, but we have to find the time.

One of the methods of the notebook that I love is at the beginning of the notebook: you just have to make several appointments with yourself, take days off and write them down in a calendar and never cancel them again no matter what!

At last, I would recommend to get into the process step by step. Wanting to do too much, too fast, does not lead to anything!

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